Monday, January 19, 2009

A Package From Andy

While Andy, from 78 Topps Cards, is packing it in, he is sending out final trades. I have no idea when the cards from 1971, 1973 and 1978 will run out, but Andy has decided that he no longer wants to collect such a broad spectrum of cards. He is currently in streamline mode and his readers are once again the beneficiaries of that decision.

On Saturday, I received a package from Andy. I saw the address and immediately knew the package was going to be good. I even commented to Tracey what the package was and who it was from. I think I even said that I love getting vintage cards in the mail to her.

I opened the bubble envelope and was not disappointed by what I saw. In there I saw a few cards from 1973, a whole stack from 1971 and a few assorted cards. There were even a few cards that I will save for Things Done To Cards, which saw its one year anniversary pass last Thursday.

Let's see what was in Andy's mailing.

1971 Topps
37 - Rich McKinney
56 - Duane Josephson
80 - Bill Melton
113 - Jerry Crider
267 - Rich Morales
292 - Jay Johnstone
311 - Lee Stange
413 - Pat Kelly
520 - Tommy John

1973 Topps
42 - Mike Andrews
105 - Carlos May
129 - Terry Forster

1974 Topps Traded
270T - Ron Santo

1981 Fleer
356 - Richard Dotson

While I had a good chunk of the 1971 Topps, I will finally get some decent replacements for a few cards. There were a couple of 1973 cards that I did not have. The Santo is a nice addition. I think that may even be in better condition than the card that I have. The 1981 Fleer card was a nice surprise too!

There were also three other White Sox cards that were even older included in the stack of cards. I will showcase them on the other site, as stated previously in this posting. They are definitely worthy of that site!

Thank you, Andy! I will miss your eye opening observations on each card. I really appreciate everything that you've done for this blog.

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Andy said...

My pleasure as always, Steve.

And I'm a bit embarrassed to say this, but I've already decided to start another card blog. I finally realized what I did wrong with 78 Topps, and I've selected a new topic that I think will work out a lot better. Stay blog should arrive within a few weeks.

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