Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Brian Roberts Rumors

Let's get this rumor squashed. Brian Roberts is not going to be on the White Sox by Opening Day. If by some alignment of the fates, he is on the team, it will not be for Gavin Floyd, as some reports would have you believe.

Giving up a young pitcher, with a few years left on his contract and has had great recent success, for a player who will be a free agent in less than a year is not something that the White Sox do very often. In fact, in this scenario, it makes no sense.

I can see Orlando Cabrera playing second base for the White Sox this April before Brian Roberts would. In fact, I can see Albert Belle playing second base for the White Sox in April before Brian Roberts would.

These rumors have gone on for two years and Brian has gone nowhere. The Orioles started this latest round of rumors by discussing Gavin Floyd and at least one other player for Roberts, among themselves. Not with the White Sox. They just discussed the possibility of the trade among Orioles personnel.

I don't see Kenny Williams giving up a whole lot for Roberts right now. If the White Sox are in the middle of a playoff run in late July, and have a deficiency at second, then I could see a trade involving Brian Roberts to the South Side. Until that scenario unfolds, it's not likely to happen.

Although, when Kenny Williams is involved, I never rule anything out. My gut tells me no on this one.


Goose Joak said...

Every time I see that card I think that it's Manny Ramirez

Bay Rat North West said...

I always saw Joey as a coffin corner guy. You sure he can make the transition to second?

How sweet is this verification for me:


Reds baby! Reds!

Steve Gierman said...

If they can make Bo Jackson play again, they can rebuild Joey.

dayf said...

Brian Roberts has been traded to every team in the league twice and the Braves three times the past few years. He must have naked pictures of Angelos with a midget, a ferret and Rosie O'Donnell to have so many trade offers vetoed. He ain't going anywhere.

Steve Gierman said...

Thanks for the horrific picture in my head. I haven't been this scared since I sat through Exit To Eden. Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Aykroyd in leather sex outfits... excuse me while I vomit.

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