Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Package From 30-Year Old Cardboard

Yesterday, I received a package in the mail from Brian at 30-Year Old Cardboard. I knew that this was coming in the mail, yet it was still a surprise when it came. I guess that goes hand in hand with speaking with so many different bloggers and trying to get trades together with most of them.

I recently won a contest in which my prize was 20 packs of mostly vintage baseball cards from the 1980s and 1990s. Since I am not building sets at this time, I thought that these cards would be better suited in your team collection.

Yes, I agree with that assessment! This was a grand gesture that is very much appreciated. I got a few cool cards and an address to add to my collection of sending cards to... eventually.

What did Brian send over? Let's find out!

1989 Donruss
531 - Jack McDowell
573 - Bill Long

I am starting a collection of 1989 Donruss Jack McDowell cards. Feel free to send them over in trades. I won't bitch about them. I've acquired so many of them, I figured I might as well see how many I can accumulate.

1989 Topps
34 - Ken Williams
209 - Jeff Bittiger

For not collecting in 1989, I sure have a lot of 1989 Topps cards.

1989 Upper Deck
506 - Ken Williams

The exact opposite can be said for 1989 Upper Deck. While I do have the team set, a few times over, these are harder to come by.

1991 Donruss
271 - Eric King

I just completed my team set of this last year.

1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier
97 - Rock Raines
113 - Cory Snyder

I was really high on this set when it first came out. I still have a great fondness for it.

1999 Topps Stars
6 - Frank Thomas

A Frank Thomas card is like an old friend. You're glad to see them when they show up.

2003 Topps Opening Day
41 - Magglio Ordonez

I will remember Magglio fondly on the South Side. This, of course, was before he decided to grow a garden on his head.

2007 Topps
481 - Jim Thome

I missed his 500th home run by one day. A mere seventeen hours. A day early, but not a bobble head short. I was able to snag the giveaway stuff from the next day on eBay, along with a ticket stub.

Thanks, Brian! These cards were a nice trip down memory lane. I appreciate the thoughtful nature in which these arrived in my mailbox.

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