Friday, January 9, 2009

Card Spotlight 1-9-09

1987 Sportflics #200 - Steve Carlton

These cards were awesome, when I was a kid. They have lost their wow factor over the years, but I still have a special place in my heart for these cards.

This particular card has eluded me for 22 years. No longer shall I search bargain bins for this card. It is finally home. This captures a rare occurrence. Steve Carlton in a White Sox uniform. Furthermore, it is the only card that features three separate shots of his pitching motion in a White Sox uniform. Good stuff!

History will show that Steve recorded his 4,000th strikeout with the Giants. Cards will tell you differently though. All of the cards that I can think of, show Steve in a White Sox uniform while commemorating this spectacular event.

I never really understood that. There was a ton of press when Steve Carlton signed with the Giants and a ton of press when he struck out Eric Davis for his 4,000th strikeout. Maybe the card companies thought the public would be confused by Steve in a Giants uniform on a 1987 card. Who knows. That just meant more White Sox cards for me to collect.


Anonymous said...

I still like the Sportsflics gimmick better than all that shiny stuff that they use to try to dress up the newer cards. :)

Anonymous said...

Retro card technology still rocks.

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