Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buehrle And Lifebuoy

It had to end sometime. Losing streaks don't last forever, but they sure seem like they do. Mark Buehrle was the human equivalent of Lifebuoy. It didn't really taste good, but it got the job done.

The offense lit up and the pitchers overcame some suspect fielding. It was a time of celebration for all on the South Side. There was no joy in Crede as he struck out once for the Twins. His mighty back beginning the season long straddling of the disabled list.

Fireworks were to be enjoyed by all. This was a sight rarely seen this month. Sox players have learned to live in the moment because the moment may not last forever.

There is joy in seeing Podsednik steal a base. Those pains in the oppositions' sides have been too far and few since his departure. Speed on and Paulie equals perfection.

The only lingering question would be if this can last. Maybe, maybe not. It sure will be a good ride. Maybe the opposing team will go blind from SOAP poisoning. That means that the speed will have to continue to get on for Paulie. Maybe that's asking too much.

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