Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'll Be Away From My Desk

On Thursday afternoon, I'll be off to Tracey's until Sunday afternoon. Her niece will be making her first communion on Saturday. This will be a long weekend away from my house, where most of my stuff is located.

Do you think this site will go dark? No! I have some posts planned that should satisfy readers of this blog for awhile. Included in those posts will be a Mother's Day mystery 100 years in the making. Unlike those mysteries on E!, this one will finally be solved!

I do have a favor/task to ask you loyal readers. If anyone has a decent color picture of Bobby Thigpen from 1986, when he was wearing the fan contest hat, I would love a scan. The only early career pictures of Thiggy that I can find has him wearing the cursive "C" hat. I'm looking for a photo that wasn't used on one of his 1987 cards.

I'm also looking for a decent color photo of Doug Rader, the third base coach from 1986, in the mid eighties fan contest uniform. If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. I haven't been able to find either picture in my internet scrounging.

I won't be as readily available this weekend, but I will be checking e-mail periodically. I'll be checking out the other blogs too, when I have the time.

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