Friday, May 29, 2009

My First White Sox Goudey Of 2009

I scraped up enough last week to purchase a blaster of 2009 Goudey. I was desperate to bust something and I wanted to see the Goudey set for myself.

Target didn't have any loose packs yet, but they had a few strategically hidden blasters. So I picked one up at random and headed for the checkout lanes.

I opened all eight packages and ended up with one and a half White Sox cards. One and a half? Yes. One and a half. My first White Sox card was Nick Swisher pictured in a road White Sox uniform. His index finger was pointed upward, as if to caution me.

"You may think that this is a card of me on the White Sox, but gaze skyward, buttmunch. That there says I'm a Yankee. The most storied team in baseball history".

Uh-huh. I see that. It lists you as an outfielder.

"You got that right, man. I also play first base, DH and pitch. Suck on that, bro".

That's downright mean, Swish. I enjoyed your time on the South Side. Well, except for that last part, where you pouted constantly and couldn't even keep the dugout in high spirits.

"You want me to switch fingers there, pal? You are this far away from having me boot your crappy band off of my MySpace friends".

Hey, most of those are garage demos. They just give you a feeling of what the final product will be. Wait a minute. We're getting off topic. Besides, aren't you the one who still has a picture of Kenny Williams and you, as a profile pic?

"Yeah. So what"?

So what? So let's dance!

With that Swish was distracted enough to dance off towards the Bronx. I went through the rest of the packs and found my complete White Sox card, Jermaine Dye. Sure, he wasn't as animated as Swisher, but he found a nice home with me anyway.

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capewood said...

Steve, I pulled exactly one White Sox card from my blaster of Goudey as well. It wasn't Nick Swisher.

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