Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deader Than Dead

"San Diego is the place for us," Peavy said of him and his family. "We've made that decision for the time being."

Like dayf pointed out, at least White Sox fans weren't strung along.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I get the feeling that the Padres are in the "they do but they don't" zone for wanting to pull of a Peavy trade. The backlash from San Diego fans will be massive. This team already stinks, but dumping everyone with no rebuilding plan in place would be disastrous for their ticket sales. On the other hand, why pay Peavy when you're not winning with him anyway?

Steve Gierman said...

The Padres appear to want to gut the team, shed payroll and start over, but still want a name that draws. The acquisition of Tony Gwynn Jr. signals this kind of thinking. He may have his father's name, but the talent is an entirely different matter.

I think that Peavy doesn't want to go to a hitter friendly park without squeezing every penny that he can. This tells me that Peavy is afraid and is more concerned with padding his stats than playing for a team with a recent history for contention and a decent shot at contention this year.

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