Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mailbox Joys: A Not So Complete Team Set

Today, I received the White Sox team set of 2009 Finest in the mailbox. While the sight of these cards create a certain amount of joy in me, the nitpicking part of me acknowledges that this really isn't a complete team set.

For some reason only known to Topps employees, Ken Griffey Jr. is listed as being on the White Sox but pictured in a Mariners uniform. Check this earlier post for more on that.

I got seven cards in the set, six of which should be there. There was no Griffey in this set, but there was a card of someone else who shouldn't be here. I'll list the seven cards and guess which one doesn't belong.

All seven players played on the White Sox at some point during the season in 2008. So at least Topps is in the right ballpark with this set. Which player doesn't belong?

14 - Paul Konerko
56 - Mark Buehrle
90 - Carlos Quentin
94 - Jermaine Dye
109 - Gavin Floyd
124 - Jim Thome
149 - Jason Bourgeois

For those of you who guessed Paul Konerko... self inflicted nail gun to the head.
For those of you who guessed Mark Buehrle... a slap upside the head with a giant fish.
For those of you who guessed Carlos Quentin... you must sit through Manos: The Hands Of Fate.
For those of you who guessed Jermaine Dye... I will give a paperclip, a rubber band and a chewed up pencil to McGyver and he will kill you.
For those of you who guessed Gavin Floyd... you will be running with scissors across a mine field.
For those of you who guessed Jim Thome... you will be listening to Wing Sings AC/DC.
For those of you who guessed Jason Bourgeois... laugh, Jocko, laugh! You are right!

Jason Bourgeois has been in the Milwaukee Brewers organization all year. Don't believe me? See for yourself. I can understand that Topps would want to give a card to a rookie, who only played in six games in 2008. Actually, I applaud them for that. It just doesn't make sense to me that the Griffey card can go one way and the Bourgeois card can completely ignore this year.

It may sound like I'm griping about the cards I received. Not in the least. I love the cards that I got. I wouldn't have bought them on eBay, if I hadn't wanted the cards. I'm just tired of the inconsistencies of the card companies. Can they at least try to get things right?

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