Saturday, May 9, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Ozzie Guillen

Card #8 - Ozzie Guillen

Born: January 20, 1964

Ozzie is the perfect fit for the White Sox. After years of complacency, Ozzie came in, shook things up and won a World Series within his first two seasons as a manager. Not too bad of a resume. Returning to the playoffs in 2008, Guillen has solidified his job in Chicago.

Despite the lightning rod of opinions about Ozzie, he does everything in his power to protect his players. He will take the heat off of players and put it on himself, if it will help the ball club. Ozzie will reward the players who show the effort on the field and the respect of the game. If player is not able to give their all during the game, they will shape up or ship out.

Ozzie may have mellowed a bit since he first started to manage, but the same fire is still there. The same desire to win is on display with every game. The real Ozzie is a wise cracking, fun loving guy, who keeps his players loose. Stronger still is the desire to see his players succeed.

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Scott said...

I still say Ozzie missed his calling in life, I think he was born to be a stand up Comedian.

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