Monday, May 11, 2009

The Upcoming Week

This week, there will be some slowed down activity. Today, I helped someone move into my friend's house. Didn't have time for blogging. Tomorrow, I'll be off to a baseball game. Won't have much time for blogging.

There are a few trades that are up in the air. I will e-mail my findings to those expecting a response on Wednesday or Thursday. Don't worry, I did not forget about any of you.

I'll be off to the Cubs game on Tuesday night. Like any trip to the North Side, it has to be an all day affair. There is no parking, except for shady individuals charging $20 or more, so my Cubs fan friend, also named Steve, and I will be riding the CTA northward. He works for CTA, so he'll ride for free. At least the tickets were free. All I have to do is pay for a day pass to ride the buses and the L. My guess is some combination of the orange line and the red line will be the way. I am going with the CTA route master, so I'm sure we'll get there.

We'll make a day of it. We'll ride up in the afternoon and grab a bite to eat somewhere in Wrigleyville or near it. We'll get to the park early to get our limited edition Ernie Banks bobblehead. Look for mine on eBay soon. I'd keep it or give it away to one of the many Cubs fan blogging friends out there, but I have bills to pay. I hope they understand.

I don't mind if the Cubs win. I'm not that kind of White Sox fan. I'll be rooting against them for one reason. I don't want to hear that stupid "Go, Cubs, Go" song. It was everywhere I turned the last few years. It was on every street corner and in every sporting place. If I hear that song, I will strongly consider running from Wrigley screaming. Other than that, I'm just there to watch a baseball game with no vested interest.

I've never seen the Padres play, in person, so I will now be able to say that I have. The last time I was at Wrigley was in 1998. The Rockies clobbered the Cubs, but Sosa hit a home run in a particular inning and I won Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

I received a couple of packages in the last few days. I'll be posting the contents of those later in the week. Things should return to normal by Wednesday.

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