Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disco Demolition And Site News

The thirtieth anniversary of the stupidest reason the White Sox ever had to forfeit a game, er... I mean, Disco Demolition, is upon us today. In reality, it's what people remember most from a 1979 White Sox season in which they held a dismal 73-87 record, good enough for fifth place and 14 games back. The Tigers had a much better record, at 85-76, which was only good enough for forth place and 18 games back. Hmmm... methinks the Orioles tore up the AL East that year. The Tigers would have only been three back in the AL West.

Beef up on your history of Disco Demolition here. How does ringmaster Steve Dahl think about the incident thirty years later? Read his self interview here. Still feeling nostalgic? You can listen to Dahl's "Do You Think I'm Disco" here.

***Site News***

Yesterday, I spent most of the day updating and revamping my want list. You'll notice a slightly different look to the main page. It's now grouped by decade and formatted five years across. I think that this is much easier to read and quicker to look particular years up.

I'm still updating the want list itself, but I have added my player collections to the site. They are located after the years, near the bottom of the page. Also, I have added Ryne Sandberg to the player collections. I'm not collecting him, but my longest tenured friend is a huge fan and I want to do something nice for him. So I will accept Sandberg cards in trade as well.

What prompted all of this? My stray card piles are close to swallowing me whole, so I'm organizing against them before they organize against me. Hopefully, when I'm finished, I should be able to locate cards in my collection a bit quicker. That's the plan, anyway.

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Joe S. said...

I'd obviously heard about Disco Demolition night, but last night when I saw a special on ESPN about it was the first I'd really seen it.

My two favorite parts: the actual blowing up of the box of disco records (ummm, yeah... that wouldn't fly these days!) and Harry Carry politely asking the on-field riot to return to their seats.

I actually just read a fairly interesting book about Mike Veeck and the St. Paul Saints. He's a creative guy, to say the least.

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