Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Cardboard Problem

I, too, have a cardboard problem. I not only look for cards that I want, but I'll occasionally scope out players or teams that other bloggers, that I consider friends, and have a good history with, would like. On a few occasions, I've hit the jackpot.

I have one major rule if I am just picking something up for the heck of it; it has to be a steal. As much as I love everyone in this community like extended family, I'm not going to go broke supporting other people's cardboard habits. If I had the disposable income, I'd be more likely to break that rule. Unfortunately, I don't.

When I see something that I know a friendly blogger will love, I will pounce on it. Sometimes I get lucky, other times I don't. It's not a big deal if I don't. There is no weight on my shoulder if I fail at being the highest bidder. Lately, I've been pretty lucky at winning bids on cards intended for other people. On cards that I personally want, some joker always comes in at the absolute last second and blows my high bid out of the water. It's frustrating, but I move on.

Recently, I found two autographed cards of a certain player that I saw play in Wrigley Field this year. Nobody was bidding on one and the other had one bid. I decided to try my luck. I won both for an insanely low amount. I waited patiently for each card to arrive. I transferred both into an already addressed bubble mailer and sent it off to the post office.

Fast forward about a week. I get a note through some form of online communication. Which one escapes me, but I have reason to believe it was Twitter. In the note, I am told that the cards arrived and would I be interested in a Lance Broadway autograph in return? Seeing as Lance was just traded to the Mets right before this note, I thought it would be a great memento of his time on the South Side. Plus, I didn't have that particular card. In fact, I wasn't even aware of its existence. So, I agreed.

Leap forward to today. I get a gigantically thick bubble mailer in the afternoon mail. It's from Sooz of A Cardboard Problem. Inside was the promised Lance Broadway autograph and a snap case full of cards. That's always a pleasant sight.

Let's see what Sooz sent over.

1986 Topps
493 - Gene Nelson
637 - Rudy Law
778 - Jerry Hairston

1988 Donruss
59 - Jose DeLeon

1988 Score
607 - Ivan Calderon

1988 Topps
634 - Jose DeLeon

1990 Topps Glossy 1989 Rookies
14 - Greg Hibbard

1998 Upper Deck
607 - Frank Thomas EP

1999 Revolution
36 - Frank Thomas

1999 Revolution Diamond Legacy
11 - Frank Thomas

2000 Skybox Dominion Eye On October
EO8 - Frank Thomas

2000 Topps
369 - Bill Simas
421 - Bobby Howry
470 - Frank Thomas

2001 E-X
57 - Paul Konerko

2003 SP Authentic
118 - Jon Rauch (0633/2500)

2004 Diamond Kings
38 - Frank Thomas

2005 ESPN
23 - Frank Thomas

2005 Fleer Platinum
6 - Paul Konerko

2005 Skybox Autographix
15 - Paul Konerko

2006 Bazooka
62 - Paul Konerko

2006 Fleer Lumber Company
LC-21 - Paul Konerko

2006 Turkey Red Red
467 - Mark Buehrle

2006 Ultra Diamond Producers
DP25 - Paul Konerko

2006 Upper Deck Special F/X
105 - Aaron Rowand

2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Player Highlights
PH-17 - Paul Konerko

2007 Fleer Crowning Achievement
CA-JT - Jim Thome

2007 Goudey Red
60 - Jim Thome

2007 Topps Moments & Milestones
107 - Frank Thomas (99 RBI) (039/150)

2008 Bowman
82 - Mark Buehrle
112 - Nick Swisher

2008 SP Authentic
74 - Paul Konerko

2008 Spectrum
21 - Paul Konerko

2008 Starquest Common
SQ-54 - Paul Konerko

2008 Topps Chrome
64 - Mark Buehrle

2008 Topps Co-Signers
63 - Paul Konerko

2008 Topps Heritage
410 - Mark Buehrle

2008 Topps Opening Day
129 - Paul Konerko

2008 Upper Deck Documentary Seasonal Signatures
LB - Lance Broadway

2008 Upper Deck First Edition
336 - Paul Konerko
337 - Nick Swisher

2008 Upper Deck X
24 - Paul Konerko
27 - Jim Thome

2009 A Piece Of History
21 - Carlos Quentin

Thanks, Sooz! That Lance Broadway autograph is sensational. Considering that he is now out of the White Sox organization, maybe it's very appropriate that this is a "Seasonal Signature". The snap case full of cards was a great unexpected treat. There are definitely cards in there that I need. I think I may have vision trouble after my little trip through late nineties Shiny Frank Land. Some of those cards are downright blinding!

I'm guessing, by the collation of the cards in the case, that you separate the more recent cards by player. I could be completely off base on that though. It's just one of the little patterns that my brain picks up. Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying your cards.

1 comment:

Sooz said...

I sent that many!!!

You're right about the collation of the cards. I seperate them by player with the older 90s and 80s in a bix box trapped together.

Strange how you picked it up.

Eventually, I'll get around to posting the amazing cards you sent me.

I'm very bad at doing those type of things. Just know I am greatful for the cards and they have made a lovely home here. :)

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