Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Eclectic Stats On The Back Package

One of the best things about having an extensive list is the amount of oddball cards I get on a regular basis. Sometimes people go off the list and just send over stuff. That's great too! Half the fun, sometimes, is not knowing what to expect when you open a package.

Mark, over at Stats On The Back, recently sent over a package of great cards. There are reprints, oddballs and a whole lotta awesome! Let's see what Mark sent over.

1911 Mecca Double Folder Dover Reprint
Ed Walsh/Fred Payne

1980-1987 SSPC Baseball Immortals
96 - Red Faber

1984 Topps
712 - Greg Luzinski (Reggie Jackson, Graig Nettles)

1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes
8 - Luke Appling

1985 Fleer
507 - Harold Baines

1986 Fleer
214 - Reid Nichols
215 - Luis Salazar
217 - Dan Spillner
218 - Bruce Tanner
219 - Greg Walker

1989 Baseball Talk
151 - Carlton Fisk

1989 Donruss Rookies
14 - Carlos Martinez
37 - Ken Patterson

1991 Studio
34 - Greg Hibbard
35 - Charlie Hough
36 - Jack McDowell
39 - Bobby Thigpen

1994 Conlon Burgundy
1309 - Larry Rosenthal

1997 Collector's Choice
329 - Albert Belle

Thanks, Mark! I think that marks many firsts. My first Dover Reprint. My first Baseball Immortals. My first Baseball Talk card. That's a lot of firsts for one package! I wasn't sure what to expect when I found the package in my pile of mail. It was so well packaged, that I was stumped until I was able to open everything.

Frankly, I don't know who has a better shot at the playoffs, the Mets or the White Sox. I think they both have a good shot at making it. I wouldn't mind another Mets championship... that is unless the White Sox face them in the World Series. Then I'd have to root for my Sox. In only a few short months, we will both find out. I guess the only real difference this year is that when the playoffs start, I'll be married.


mmosley said...

Congrats on the upcoming nuptials! I'd like to give you a Mets championship to celebrate!

Steve Gierman said...

Thanks! If the White Sox don't take the championship, I wouldn't mind seeing the Mets take it.

Bob Rob said...


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