Sunday, March 29, 2009

A "Little" Pack Of Cards From Andy

There are a few people that just send me random cards whenever the mood strikes them. One of those people is Andy of the fantastic blog Traded Sets.

I received an envelope the other day that was addressed to "Little Stevie" and had a familiar return address. My immediate reaction? When did I join the E Street Band? And will I get to meet LaBamba because of my new found Max Weinberg connection?

All of these are pipe dreams of course. The reality is that I have a better shot at singing the National Anthem at U.S. Cellular Field as a really far fetched fringe celebrity than showcasing my not quite up to E Street level guitar playing. For those of you who now believe that I'm a far fetched fringe celebrity... I'd like to know what color the sky is in your world. Maybe you see everything as a world of puppets, like Kenneth on 30 Rock.

Anyway, that's a tangent built for a lazy Sunday afternoon, which this is. Before I go off track any further, let's see what Andy sent over.

2009 Topps
30 - Ken Griffey Jr.
255 - Joe Crede

2009 Topps Heritage
200 - Ken Griffey Jr.
316 - Wilson Betemit

2009 Upper Deck
80 - Jermaine Dye (2)
435 - Carlos Quentin, Gavin Floyd, Javier Vazquez (TL)

Thank you, Andy! Those cards get me a little bit closer to some 2009 set completion! At some point, you will find an unexpected package in your mailbox.


Andy said...

Now that you told me about it, how can it be unexpected?

I wrote Little Stevie because ever since you posted that photo of yourself as a 10-year-old, that's how I picture you. Heh.

Steve Gierman said...

OK, that moniker makes more sense now.

You may know what, but you still don't know exactly when. :)

--David said...

That's what makes the surprises great! You might not know when they're coming, but when they show up, it's like christmas!

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