Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fly By Night Owl Delivery

Sometimes, the smallest pieces of mail yield the biggest joys. Sometimes, the thought behind a simple gesture makes the greatest impact.

With that in mind, I'd like to present a package from Greg at Night Owl Cards. There were only three cards in the envelope. All three were 2009 Upper Deck cards. All three 2009 Upper Deck cards brought smiles to my face.

My first, and so far only, purchase of 2009 Upper Deck was a 10 pack blaster. Each pack had eight cards, except for one pack which had a relic card. That pack had three or four cards due to the thickness of the relic card.

The entire box produced one White Sox card. That card was Juan Uribe, a player who is no longer with the White Sox. I like Juan Uribe and I like any card featuring a player depicted in a White Sox uniform, so it was still a win for me. I was a bit disappointed because of the lack of White Sox cards in the box. Every other team seemed to get its fair share. I'm used to that though. The White Sox aren't on the top of everybody's list of must have cards. I made my peace with that a long time ago.

These cards got me excited about the new cards again and got me excited about the upcoming season. Let's see what Greg sent over.

2009 Upper Deck
77 - Alexei Ramirez
84 - Jim Thome
91 - Jose Contreras

Alexei got me excited because of the great rookie season he had last year. It's still a rush to see a new Alexei card. The Thome card was great because it featured Jim in a classic home run swing at the plate. He just finished his drive and the motion of his swing started him out of the batter's box. The Contreras card was a sigh of relief. It features him in the middle of his delivery. Normally, that wouldn't elicit much reaction, but it was just announced that he would probably be ready for the start of the season. No one was expecting him back until around July, due to the nature of his injury.

Thank you, Greg! That package perked me up and made me appreciate the start of the 2009 season even more than I already had.


night owl said...

Glad to see others excited for the 2009 season!

I just pulled another UD White Sox the other day. Can't remember who it is though. I'll save it for you if you like.

Steve Gierman said...

Always glad to have White Sox cards set aside for me.


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