Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brian McCall

September 30, 1962 was quite a day for Brian McCall. Just two days earlier, he had appeared in his third Major League game and had gotten a hit in his only at-bat. That feat was in his first game at Yankee Stadium, which was also his first road game.

On September 30th, which was a Sunday, Brian went on a tear in the first game he ever started. In five at-bats, he managed to hit two home runs and collect three RBI. In the final game of the regular season, Brian managed to give White Sox fans something to think about over the long winter.

The impact of that day in 1962 might have had fans excited, but not many in the White Sox organization were impressed. Brian wasn't called up again until September 1963. He played in three games, starting one, and went hitless in all three. McCall did manage to sneak on base with a walk and score a run against the Senators on September 28, 1963, exactly one year from his first hit. The next day would be his last for playing in the majors.

Brian retired from professional baseball in 1966, after a bad start to the season and severe pain when throwing from the outfield. He moved on to an art college and became an artist who has dabbled in a little bit of everything. Brian was even named Virginia Artist of the Year. He is now known for his sculptures and unique sign making.

There is life after baseball and it can take a person in directions that they couldn't begin to imagine.

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