Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Goose Joak Cards

By now, most of you should be familiar with the Goose Joak cards for 2009. A good number of bloggers have agreed to take on teams and create cards using the Goose Joak design.

I have agreed to do the White Sox. I will take on a different approach to this year's crop of cards. Anyone who plays in a game, including Spring Training, will be included in the set. This means that if Jack Egbert doesn't make the team out of Arizona, he will be on a card eventually, even if he never gets called up during the season. I hate to single out Jack, but there had to be an example somewhere.

In addition to these cards, I have been encouraged to continue plans with my own set. This set will include a special twist that should radically separate my set from the Goose Joak set. I won't reveal what that twist is right now, but you will notice it on the very first card.

There will likely be a day set aside for each set and the cards will come out throughout the season, instead of once a day. There will be exceptions to that particular format, but for the most part, each set should be on its own schedule.

Lance Broadway and Gavin Floyd were done prior to my involvement in the project. I like the design of the Goose Joak set. It made me want to jump on the bandwagon instead of making my own design.

I will try to use a combination of the most unique photos and the best available to portray each set. I've enjoyed the cards that have been rapidly coming out and this week, my own cards will start to find their way on the blog.

The complete set is here.


Anonymous said...

This is cool stuff. Where can I find a template?

Steve Gierman said...

Check out

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