Monday, March 16, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Josh Fields

Card #2 - Josh Fields

Born: December 14, 1982

Here we have the strongest candidate to win the third base position coming out of Spring Training. Josh put in the extra work this winter and it's paying out already.

1982 Topps had a lot of inactive action shots, so I found a shot of Josh that fit that mold. More than likely, this was due to the "In Action" cards that littered the set. While I love the idea behind the "In Action" cards, I think the action pictures would have been more utilized in the regular cards. It was no longer 1972. Fleer and Donruss were churning out product as well.

Most people refer to this set as the hockey sticks set. I always thought of this as the racing stripe set. Now, Josh Fields has his own card with racing stripes.


zman40 said...

I didn't even thin kabout this the first two times I checked out this great looking card. Where is the fake signature?

Steve Gierman said...

I knew it looked incomplete! I purposely took off the Topps logo and the sig completely slipped my mind.

Good eye!

Steve Gierman said...

Fixed!! :)

The auto is now on there.

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