Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trading With The Brooklyn Met

I recently completed a trade with Jason, better known around the blogs as thebrooklynmet. Mets cards are flying out my door faster than Spaceball One going to plaid.

I think my favorite card is of Corwin Malone. It reminds me of Spring Training and the start of actual baseball games. I wonder if Corwin is dreaming of a trip to the majors that will never come. He's definitely pondering something with that long gazing stare into nothingness.

Let's see what goodies came in the package sent over by Jason!

1995 Select Certified
94 - Scott Ruffcorn

2003 Topps Total
402 - Corwin Malone

2003 Upper Deck Vintage
205 - Paul Konerko
224 - Joe Borchard/Miguel Olivo

2004 Upper Deck First Pitch
123 - Paul Konerko

2005 Ultra
4 - Paul Konerko

2007 Fleer
258 - Mark Buehrle

2010 Topps
259 - Daniel Hudson

2010 Upper Deck
125 - Tony Pena
136 - Freddy Garcia

Thanks, Jason! It was great trading with you! Your cards are already in transit. Hopefully, we can trade again soon.

1 comment:

TheBrooklynMet said...

I will keep an eye on your want list. I got myself a box of 2002 Topps Gallery, so if I get doubles of the Buehrle or Konerko I will keep them for you.

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