Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Search For 1991 Classic Game

I really have a soft spot for Classic. The 1991 Classic Game set has eluded me every step of the way, until today. Arriving in my mailbox, for the grand total of 99 cents, was the entire 200 card set of 1991 Classic Game, still in it's original cellophane wrapped blocks.

I can find almost every other Classic release from 1991 at decent prices, but this was was different. I could find complete games for $20, which I was not going to pay for essentially 10 White Sox cards from the overproduction era that were readily available in 1991.

I did find a seller on eBay that had a good chunk of the cards individually for sale, but prices of nearly $5 a card seemed way too steep for my tastes. I'm a collector, but there was no way I was paying those inflated prices.

So I waited. And I waited. I waited some more. A few years went by and I saw a set for about $15 with free shipping. That would be my last refuge. If I didn't find anything, I was eventually going to pull the trigger on a purchase.

Then I saw the entire set without the game board and other bulky items that I would just throw away anyway. I put it in my watch list. I timed everything out. I waited for six days. When I went to place a bid, I had missed the set by 30 seconds.

I was mad at myself for not putting an earlier bid in. Then I saw that no one bid on it. I noticed that the seller was re-listing his unsold items a little later that evening. I checked and didn't see the Classic set.

Finally, I e-mailed the seller to re-list the set. It turned out that the seller did include it in a mass re-listing, but a glitch in the system left it out. The seller quickly re-listed the '91 Classic Game set and I put in a bid.

Usually, when I bid on something that has been re-listed, I lose out. This time, luck was on my side and I can finally scratch off this set for my White Sox collection. As a bonus, I gained a Baines card for my player collection. All I have left is one extra Fisk card to find, for that player collection. I think that should be a bit more manageable.


madding said...

I was a big fan of the Classic cards back in the day, but when I look at them now I'm not really sure why...

zman40 said...

The only thing I didn't like about Classic was that they didn't come in packs. Nice find!

Sharpe said...

I was just going through a bunch of totes full of cards from my youth and I've come across numerous Classic games/sets that have never been opened. Your post will likely have to take a second look to see exactly which ones I have.

I concur with madding, I was also a fan, but have no idea why now.

I also came across a stack of those Wild Card cards, anyone else have those? Mine were football, not sure if there was a baseball version.

Spiff said...

Any interest in trading the Rangers from the set? I still need about all of them.

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