Friday, March 5, 2010

Card Spotlight: 3-5-10

2010 Topps Black Border #83 - Mark Teahen (09/59)

Once again, it's time for my futile attempt to collect the Topps flagship set parallels. Once again, I will probably fall short of that goal.

I will never attempt anything foolish. like collecting the platinum parallels which are numbered to a lonely one of one. The closest I'll get is the black parallels numbered to 59.

There always seems to be a hot card impeding my progress in completing these team set parallels. Last year, it was Griffey. This year it will be Beckham. Next year, it will be Beckham again or possibly someone else.

What makes me attempt it every year? I get suckered in by finding deals on a few cards. Then completing the team set doesn't seem so daunting of a task. I picked up Teahen for a song. Beckham will probably cost an arm and a leg. Maybe it will be someone else in the team set that will cause the trouble. One card always does.

I do appreciate the different look to the flagship set. I'm not huge on parallels, but these (for some unknown reason) feel different. Maybe it has to do with the limited number of variations to the flagship set. There's the base, the gold, the black and the platinum.

Regardless if I finish the team set or not, I enjoy having cards like this in my collection. It feels like something special. Not something that everyone will have copies of, but still obtainable. I can live with that.


Collective Troll said...

I always get suckered in the same way. Someone sends me one, I get a good deal on the second, pay a little bit more for the third and fourth and then get stuck because I can't shell out for the Longoria... There is something about those parallels though, they just keep calling my name!

Mr J Mel said...

Longoria is the Rays team set KILLER..... I imagine the Beckham is very sought after as well! Good Luck those black borders are tough!!!

The Baseball Card Snob said...

It's worse if you collect the (hated) Yankees, like I do. I don't know why I try, actually, I do. I really like the way the black bordered cards look.

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