Monday, March 29, 2010

1989 Kay-Bee

After the Sox missing the 1988 set, Kay-Bee decided that Carlton Fisk was worthy enough for a spot in the 1989 set.

The design has not changed, but the green border of the '88 set has changed to a pinkish color. With the lousy teams the White Sox were trotting out in the late eighties, I'm not surprised Kay-Bee skipped the '88 set. Although with the 1989 set being Fisk's first card, I wonder why they didn't choose to put him in the 1988 set. The Sox teams just got lousier as the decade drew to a close.

The White Sox have one card in this set.

11 - Carlton Fisk

With a 33 card set, there were some teams with multiple representatives, but never the White Sox. It was either one or none. I'm glad to have a few cards in these sets over the years, rather than none at all.

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