Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love... Lamp

A quick trade with Scott at Hand Collated in a trade that really lives up to the name.

Everyone was so quick to help out Thorzul in his quest to complete the Topps base set without the benefit of buying one card, (how exactly did that work???!!!) I was left without my contribution to the set. I had been buying Topps packs with my spare change. Partially because that is my ritual, partially because of that Million Dollar thing and partially trying to find the ChiSox cards. I had a good chunk of the base set just lying around.

I have no intention of finishing the base set, just the White Sox cards. I've already committed myself to finishing many projects in 2008 which are still not fully completed.

When Scott announced that he was almost done with the base set, but was short a few dozen cards, I jumped at the chance.

In return to helping him get ridiculously close to finishing the 2010 Topps series one set. Scott helped me get ridiculously close in finishing my 1982 Donruss White Sox team set. Plus, he threw in one of those pesky Yankee Stadium Legacy cards against the White Sox. It was April 24, 1973 and the White Sox doubled up a Fritz Peterson led Yankee team with homers by Eddie Leon, Carlos May (the only player to have his birthdate on the back of his uniform) and Beltin' Bill Melton.

Thanks, Scott! Two more card to go for the 1982 Donruss team set and many more to go for the YSL White Sox cards.

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