Monday, March 8, 2010

Beckham For Gooden

I successfully completed a trade with a very generous reader named Max, but most of you probably know him better as frequent commenter and trader JacobMrley.

The initial deal was this Gordon Beckham card for a Dwight Gooden uniform relic with a stripe. We both agreed to throw in some extra cards. I sent off some spare 2010 Mets (which are in short supply around these parts) and Max agreed to see if he could knock a few cards off my list. Simple, right?

I received this package on Saturday and I have been contemplating on how to best showcase it. What I found in the bubble mailer both astounded and shocked me. A smorgasbord of White Sox cards greeted me.

A few cards from 1973, a few cards from the eighties, numbered cards, parallels, an East Coast National 1992 Stadium Club card, a Finest preproduction card, a Joe Borchard relic, stickers and mini cards galore! It was enough to boggle the mind!

Thank you, Max! I'm not sure if I can ever express my gratitude for this bundle of Sox goodness! This was the perfect antidote to a very stressful weekend. I plan to showcase a few of the cards throughout the week in blog posts.

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