Monday, March 15, 2010

2009 UD Signature Stars

When you go out, try it with a bang.

Upper Deck released its final two baseball products of 2009 in 2010. Basically that meant that the logo hiding (or the half-hearted attempts at it) would be starting early.

This is another nice looking set by Upper Deck, but I'm afraid it blends in with many of their other designs over the years. There is nothing that makes this set stand out. Did this product really need to exist? Not really.

That's the real trouble with this product. The only reason for this set to exist is a dumping ground for USA baseball, which is prevalent throughout the set. There's not much in the way of Major League baseball players. This could be Spectrum without the fancy foiling. We didn't need a second Spectrum set.

There are six White Sox cards in the extended base set, which includes top prospects and autographs for the higher numbers.

49 - Jake Peavy
84 - Paul Konerko
103 - Gordon Beckham
130 - John Danks (auto)
165 - Alexei Ramirez (auto)
177 - DeWayne Wise (auto)

Nothing that spectacular. I am impressed to see a DeWayne Wise autograph included, but I have failed to see any of the base set White Sox autographs on the secondary market. As to their validity, I can only go by the confusing checklist patterns of the tattered Upper Deck website.

Except for a couple of cards in the insert sets, this product is a nice looking dud. Don't waste your money on buying any boxes of this unless you are trying to complete the set. Pick up the few cards that are on your wish list from the secondary market.

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