Friday, March 12, 2010

Card Spotlight: 3-12-10

2010 Upper Deck #546 - Unnamed Chicago Ballpark

Even though Upper Deck uses the names of Comiskey Park and U.S. Cellular Field in the description on the back of the card, they can't even print the name of the building on the front. That's a bit frustrating for those who think this is Wrigley Field.

This card takes me back to the early nineties. Not because that's when this park was built, but because these ballpark cards tended to slip into a good number of sets during that period. Sometimes I wonder if I have more cards of Comiskey Park, from back then, than I do of utility players and middle relief pitchers.

I have so many memories of this newer park, it borders on ridiculous. I can remember the upper deck concourse being like a wind tunnel. I almost lost hats on three different occasions. I might have even had to use alpine hiking equipment to get up to the furthest reaches of the upper deck in those days.

Luckily, the name change to U.S. Cellular Field brought enough money for changes to the ballpark. They worked. I even called it the "Ball Mall" in the nineties. It had a sterile feeling that the old park never had. All the improvements in the last decade have turned this eyesore into a warm, fan friendly ballpark. Even the outside looks more inviting.

The last grasp of Upper Deck's baseball legacy will be bringing back the ballpark cards. In a few years, Upper Deck may regain its license from MLB Properties. It may not. They have managed to squeeze out one positive impression with this early nineties staple.

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