Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recollecting Trade

Sometimes you get airbrushed.

So much has been going on in the real world, I haven't had too much time for the blogging world. I completely forgot about a package from Doc at Baseball Card Recollections that was on the way. I was reminded early yesterday morning about it and it magically appeared in my mailbox a few hours later. How did Doc do that?

Inside the package was a treasure trove of eighties and nineties goodness. Including some Fisk and Baines cards! And Sportflics too! One of my favorite cards of the eighties. I could not get enough of moving the card back and forth, when I was a kid. The sound that a fingernail makes scraping against the lenticular surface always takes me back to the eighties.

Let's see what Doc sent over!

1984 Milton Bradley
Carlton Fisk
Ron Kittle

1986 Sportflics
7 - Harold Baines
25 - Tom Seaver
134 - Tom Seaver (Sutcliffe, Denny)

1986 Topps Mini Leaders
9 - Floyd Bannister
11 - Carlton Fisk

1987 Fleer Star Stickers
3 - Floyd Bannister

1987 Sportflics
140 - Carlton Fisk
171 - Harold Baines
186 - Ozzie Guillen (2)
200 - Steve Carlton

1989 Swell
127 - Wilbur Wood

1989 Pacific Legends
217 - Joel Horlen

1990 Bazooka Shining Star
13 - Carlos Martinez

1990 Fleer
Logo Sticker

1992 Ultra
43 - Tim Raines

1993 Ultra
172 - Joey Cora
179 - Steve Sax

1995 Emotion
26 - Ray Durham

1995 Ultra
26 - Wilson Alvarez
32 - Kirk McCaskill

1996 Ultra
37 - Alex Fernandez
39 - Roberto Hernandez

1996 Ultra Gold Medallion
35 - Wilson Alvarez
42 - Lyle Mouton

Thanks, Doc! These were great choices! I think this may be the only time I see Milton Bradley's name beside something that says Championship Baseball.

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capewood said...

Sometimes you get the airbrush and sometimes the airbrush gets you.

Whatever that means.

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