Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obviously, I Was Thinking...

... I don't know what the hell I was thinking!

Back in 2008, someone must have slipped me a roofie or something. I swear I have no knowledge of taking any illegal substance of any kind that year, but how else can you explain my 2008 want list.

Not only did I think that I could complete the 2008 Topps Heritage master set (HA!), I thought I could complete the Moments & Milestones White Sox cards of Jim Thome and Frank Thomas (double HA!) and the Upper Deck Documentary White Sox cards (Triple Dog Dare HA!) AND the White Sox cards of the monstrous Yankee Stadium Legacy set.


What the hell was I smoking back then? I must have had delusions of grandeur. I think my reasoning was that there would be so much of the product available (YSL and M&M) that people would be practically giving them away.

I should by all rights be done with 2008 Heritage. Except Topps pulled a fast one on me by releasing the high numbers set, as part of another set no less, and completely screwing over my efforts.

I firmly believe that 2008 was the nadir for card collecting. This is when the collectors were pushed to the breaking point. I know I was. I was excited at all the new product, but when reality set in, it was just overwhelming. I always thought that the breaking point was all the pointless mirrors and parallels. Nope. That was just the appetizer for this main course.

I must be crazy because I want to finish what I started. Instead of using those useless (except for a very select few who are trying to complete it) YSL cards for kindling, check to see if there are any against the White Sox. Set them aside. One day when you are bored check my 2008 want list. See if there's any cards that you have listed. If there are, put them in a trade pile.

The same goes for 2008 Moments & Milestones and 2008 Upper Deck Documentary and 2008 Topps Heritage. You can help restore a little sanity to my life, because I checked the insurance papers. There ain't no sanity clause. I gotta cure myself.

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JD's Daddy said...

Well, good luck to you. I have thrown away more of those Yankee legacy cards than you could possibly imagine. You should go for a much simple collecting 2009 toppstown gold variations!

I am in the same boat as you with 2009 Heritage. High Numbers screwed me big time.

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