Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Package From Andy

While the online connection is still active, I'm going to try to get as much done as I can before I'm sucked back into the twentieth century.

Andy, now of the excellent blog 88 Score Rookie & Traded Set, sent out a second package last week. I spent the weekend mostly away from the computer. While this is almost a riotous act in my eyes, I had to spend some quality veg time with Tracey. We popped in DVDs of "The Critic", "The Simpsons", "South Park" and "Family Guy", among others. We had a good old fashioned animation celebration.

Anyway, back to the package. I received another e-mail from Andy shortly after the initial one, asking if I wanted a 1973 Carlton Fisk. In one of my shrewdest moves on eBay, I won a 1973 Topps Carlton Fisk for 6 cents, plus $1.50 shipping. But I could always use another one. Maybe two 1973 cards will be the equivalent of one 1972 Fisk, which I lack. Then again, maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt. Either way, it could be interesting.

Let's see what the white envelope contained.

1971 Topps
169 - Ed Hermann

1973 Topps
62 - HR Leaders (Dick Allen, Johnny Bench)
63 - RBI Leaders (Dick Allen, Johnny Bench)
150 - Wilbur Wood
174 - Rich Gossage
193 - Carlton Fisk
194 - Jorge Orta
238 - Tony Muser
261 - Pat Kelly
310 - Dick Allen
356 - Chuck Tanner (MGR + Coaches)
379 - Cy Acosta
439 - Eddie Fisher (2)
494 - Rich Morales
534 - Dave Lemonds
648 - Tom Egan

WOW!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Andy! You are one of the most generous bloggers out there! I can't thank you enough for jump starting my 1973 Topps collection again. It was really starting to look anemic compared to the other seventies sets.

Good luck with your new blog. I know it will be a success!


dayf said...

I know what you mean about quality veg time. I spent a lot of hours with Mario Cart and my American Dad DVD's last week to recharge.

Also: Andy is awesome.

Andy said...

I am pretty awesome, aren't I?

My wife and I used to enjoy veg time but not since the baby came along. We're lucky if we can watch one TV show a night. But that's why TiVo is awesome too.

Johngy said...

I love the uniforms of the these Sox teams.
As a kid, I never understood why Hank Allen did not get a White Sox card. I didn't realize how little he played.

GM-Carson said...

More Hardball wants to know who has the hottest fans in baseball. We’ll be running a set of posts over the following weeks featuring images of each teams’ hotties, with a voting poll to crown a champion. We’re started with the AL East and we’re now moving on to the AL Central. Sticking true to Major League Baseball’s roots, there will be an eight team playoff system where the winners of each division square off with the addition of a wild card team to determine who wins the pennant and represents each league in the World Series of Hotness.


Bay Rat North West said...

I was going through my card porn mags (Baseball Cards August of 90) and found this:
Donruss No. 660 Harold Baines: Four Versions - Black Line through yellow star on front; "RECENT MAJOR LEAGUE PERFORMANCE" on back; no black line but "MAJOR LEAGUE PERFORMANCE" in stat heading; black line version with "ALL STAR" back; no line with "ALL STAR" back.
I'll let you figure them out.

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