Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage

I've been waiting for this set. The original 1961 Topps set has been a favorite of mine since my dad found a Danny Kravitz 1961 Topps card hidden in a wall of the house. It had the upper right corner torn off (possibly burnt off), but it was the oldest original card that I had, when I was young. I loved it.

That card has been swallowed again by the house, possibly never to be seen again. I fell in love with the minimalist design of 1961 Topps. The set looked so simple, yet it had beauty and class. Now the 2010 Heritage set is trying to emulate that same look and feel. For the most part, they get it right.

The rookie card logo does get in the way of the feel of the set. The rookie card logo is very distracting. The Topps Heritage logo fits into the general theme so well, that one barely notices it.

The White Sox have 19 cards in the set with the last three being short prints.

7 - Chicago White Sox
30 - Jayson Nix
35 - Gordon Beckham
56 - Jake Peavy
65 - Paul Konerko
79 - A.J. Pierzynski
90 - Gavin Floyd
124 - Daniel Hudson
132 - Ozzie Guillen
157 - Mark Buehrle
170 - Alex Rios
185 - John Danks
237 - Alexei Ramirez
257 - Carlos Quentin
276 - Tyler Flowers
337 - Mark Buehrle & Jake Peavy
432 - Jermaine Dye
482 - Jermaine Dye
497 - Mark Buehrle

One day, I may try to collect the entire set. Until that time, I still have the 2008 Heritage set to complete. I'll be satisfied with the 19 ChiSox cards, for now. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm a little burned out on retro products. What was once a niche, is now a cliche.

I still enjoy these Heritage sets. Last year's 1960 inspired set was underwhelming to me. It has a lot to do with me not being a huge fan of the original set. I feel better about this year's 1961 inspired set, probably only because I'm a big fan of the original set.

This is an easy recommend for me. Topps continues to draw from their past sets with great success. Now if they'd only chuck the rookie card logo for these retro sets. One can dream.


Anonymous said...

I really like this set. The simplicity of the design kind of fits that Mad Men era style. I agree about the RC logo being on these cards. They shouldn't be there. I also like how they mimicked the Al's Aces card and made an Ozzie's Aces card. Good call by Topps. Should be interesting to see how the Heritage brand does the next couple years because the designs aren't that flashy.

Anonymous said...

Cool card. Wish I had the coin.

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