Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Topps Opening Day

The economy must be rebounding. That was the excuse for not trotting this set out last year. Wait. Let me get this straight. The economy is in the toilet and you want to get rid of your most affordable product? That's Topps logic!

I've always liked Opening Day. It's like the unwanted stepchild in a mid-life crisis second marriage. It certainly is good enough, but sometimes that child gets into the oil based paints and turns itself bright red or some other charmingly blinding color.

This year is different. It looks relatively the same, except for the lack of bling (or in this case foil) and a nifty "Opening Day" logo. Neat! There's a downside to being able to read a player's name in a scan or :::GASP::: even in your hand? Who knew!

There are ten cards in this set. No short prints and one icy blue colored parallel.

52 – Gordon Beckham
92 – Alexei Ramirez
110 – Jermaine Dye
131 – Alex Rios
134 – Mark Buehrle
154 – Paul Konerko
155 – Jake Peavy
171 – Carlos Quentin
217 – Daniel Hudson
219 – Tyler Flowers

There's a nice balance between series one and the upcoming series two cards. No short prints to chase. No pointless variations. A decent price point. I like it! I may be one of the few, but I enjoy Opening Day. It's kid and collector friendly. A nice low end product that isn't trying to gouge the pocketbook or the eyes.


Grand Cards said...

You're not alone. I like Opening Day too. Always have. I think it's because I'm a sucker for things on cards that make them feel different from the "same ol" thing. Yeah, this is basically the same as 2010 Topps, but it has that Opening Day logo on it, and I like that. I like logos on cards. Easy to collect, some differences from Series 1, Mascots, all good things. Oh, and it's cheap.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Call me sentimental, but I have traditionally enjoyed opening a pack or two of Topps Opening Day on the actual opening day of the season.

Laurens said...

I'll go against the grain and say if I wanted a pack of Topps cards, I'll go for pack of the actual flagship brand and not some watered down version that is perhaps designed for younger collectors in mind.

night owl said...

I'm not a fan of Opening Day, especially this year as there is very little difference between it and the flagship set.

Opening Day is only marginally cheaper than Topps base (7 cards/99 cents vs. 12 cards/1.99 -- that's 14 cents a card vs. 16 cents a card). And it doesn't have the fun inserts that the flagship set has that I'd gladly pay the extra 2 cents a card for.

I do like the lack of foil, but it's too little too late after seeing the flagship set.

Anonymous said...

I think that "unwanted stepchild in a midlife crisis second marriage" was the weirdest analogy in card blog history, which is awesome. And I too have a soft spot for all the Opening Day sets (even '08), thanks to the suh-weet blue (and #ed red parallel) foil on the '06 version.

Word Verification: scrot... o.O

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I have to agree with NightOwl on this one. Could never see the reasoning to this set, it's like a parallel to the regular set. Although, I do like the icy blue parallels in this years set.

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