Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Club

MLB Network (which I still don't get with U-Verse[my only complaint with the service]), is making the White Sox the focus of their brand new reality show called, "The Club".

I'll let you in on a little secret. I hate reality programming. This might be the one thing that sways me. I doubt that I'll be able to see it. I was promised that the MLB Network was coming when I signed up to U-Verse one year ago. Still nothing.

The show will focus on the behind the scenes operations of the baseball team. Cameras started rolling about the same time that the whole Jim Thome decision was on the table.

The show should premiere right before the All-Star break. Manager Ozzie Guillen, owner Jerry Reinsdorf and GM Kenny Williams will be get the most camera time, since they are the ones working behind the scenes.

It should provide an interesting look at hirings, firings, trades and other decisions off the field. And no, Ozzie's colorful use of the English language should not be a problem.

1 comment:

deal said...

I hope it is better than "the Pen" which I found unwatchable. some parts were interesting, but to many of the Phils relievers did things that made me squeemish.

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