Monday, February 8, 2010

WSC Vintage: Monty Stratton

Card #13 - Monty Stratton

Monty's Major League career is only tragic in regards to how short it was. From 1934 until 1938, he pitched for the White Sox. Stratton was becoming a fan favorite and a pitcher that could be counted on for a fantastic win-loss percentage and a low ERA.

His best year, 1937, saw Monty in the All-Star Game. That season he won 15 games, while losing only 5. He had a fantastic ERA of 2.40 that year. In 1938, he still won 15 games, but lost 9 and his ERA ended up in the low fours, which was still respectable for that era.

After the 1938 season, Monty was hunting when he fell and accidentally discharged his firearm. The bullet lodged in his right leg and caused enough damage to a main artery to require amputation.

The story doesn't end there though. Monty attempted several comebacks with a new wooden leg. He never again reached the majors, but remained active in minor league ball until 1953. In 1946, while pitching for the Sherman Twins of the East Texas League, Stratton won 18 games. Monty would never again reach double digit wins, but his story was made into a movie starring Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson, which featured cameos from Jimmy Dykes, Bill Dickey and Gene Bearden.

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