Friday, February 19, 2010

Card Spotlight 2-19-10

1987 Fleer League Leaders #12 - Joe Cowley

On September 19, 1986, Joe Cowley threw a no-hitter for the White Sox against the California Angels. The Sox won that game 7-1, and Joe never won another game in the majors.

That bit of history is nearly forgotten. When people think of Joe Cowley now, they think of the White Sox beat reporter of the same name (no relation, as far as I can tell), who works for the Chicago Sun-Times.

It is my understanding that the beat reporter named Cowley doesn't appreciate the unique aspect of covering a team where someone with the same name once played. That's OK. We appreciate the joke, especially when said beat reporter gets thrown out by A.J. Pierzynski on numerous occasions after commenting how slow A.J. was with his throws to second.

So to ex-Sox pitcher Jow Cowley, I certainly appreciate your time with the White Sox. Some people may not, but I do. A no-hitter is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Be proud. Shout it from the rooftops. You accomplished a feat that very few pitchers have done in the majors.

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