Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miles To Go And All I Got Was This Doc

I've been extremely busy lately. A friend's mother passed away on Valentine's Day. My car needs the excess carbon forced out of the engine to pass emissions, which was the perfect excuse for a mini road trip to drop off the Twitter contest winnings to the winner. I also seem to be the on call tech for all of my friends' computer problems.

Yeah, there's been a lot going on this week. At least one of my problems requires me to venture out on the road and drive really fast while listening to Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. It sounds like less of a problem and more like a solution.

While I was out buying a few items to help cleanse my car of its carbon problem, I snagged some more Topps packs. I received another code card (Ichiro) and it produced a card of Doc Gooden.

I'm no complainer. This is a card of a former superstar. Someone I've actually heard of that wasn't on a Chicago team. This kid was awesome in the eighties. A once promising career was derailed by drugs. It got so bad that Doc found anonymity in Tampa Bay for part of the 2000 season. I had no idea it had gotten that bad.

This card was ten years after what I would have wanted. It doesn't even show Gooden pitching. Just another pitcher wandering the base path, hoping not to be fooled by the hidden ball trick. It's bad enough that Ozzie Guillen was fooled by that lame play at least three times.

Tampa Bay in 2000 is easy enough to miss. I barely remember Wade Boggs or Jose Canseco on the Devil Rays in the early days of that team. How on earth did I miss Dwight Gooden on the Houston Astros????

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capewood said...

If you blinked you'd have missed Doc with the Astros in 2000. He got in one game, pitching 4 innings and was let go. The Yankees picked him up and he was 4-3 for them in 18 games with 2 saves.

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