Sunday, February 7, 2010

Correcting A Common Error

I know that most people in the world could care less about a baseball card blog right this second. There's some Big Game going on in another sport, preempted by an impromptu classic rock medley (with only two original members performing) in the middle. It may be hours or days before you stumble across this post.

Meet Tommy Davis. This is his 1968 Topps Game card. Number ten in a series of thirty-three.

Commonly, this card of Tommy Davis has him associated with the Dodgers. I can see where people would assume that. The picture on this card features no team identifiers. The card fails to mention his team affiliation. Tommy's best days up to this point were on the Dodgers. Hell, even the picture is likely to hail from his days in Dodger blue.

It just ain't so.

From 1959 until 1966, Tommy Davis was part of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He did very well during those formative years. In 1967, he found himself on the New York Mets. He wasn't a part-time player, who could get lost in the shuffle. Tommy played 154 games for the Mets.

By 1968, Davis found himself on the White Sox. How anyone could look at his stats and mistake him for being on the Dodgers, at this point, is beyond me. It happens. That's why I am here to point out this common error. The White Sox did wear a similar color on their uniforms during this time, which is probably where the genesis of this misinformation started. That certainly isn't a Mets uniform he's wearing.

That has been a White Sox PSA. Thank you for your time.
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