Monday, February 22, 2010

Reds For White Sox

Small trades have been fast and furious around here lately. I think it has to do with the amount of new releases in the past month. Whatever the reason, I like it!

I am down to only needing Fisk and Rios to complete my 2010 Topps Series One team set. Not too bad. Usually, it takes longer than February to get this close. All I need to work on now is the parallels and the inserts.

Today, a package from Jason at The Writer's Journey arrived full of a few choice selections of 2010 White Sox goodness.

Let's see what arrived.

2010 Topps
6 - White Sox Franchise
312 - Tyler Flowers

2010 Topps Turkey
TR29 - Gordon Beckham

2010 Topps When They Were Young
WTWY-GB - Gordon Beckham

A pair of Beckhams! Can't beat that! I finished off the Turkey (until series two maybe) and came a few cards away from completing the series one base set.

Thanks, Jason! These cards were well worth the wait!

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