Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sneaky Troll

Look closely at the card. Notice the second autograph on it. It's much easier to see in a scan. Black Sharpie against black uniform is a bit harder to see in person. I almost missed it.

Instead, something caught my eye and I paused momentarily. Something was amiss. Then the black loop around the glove seemed suspicious. So, I tilted the card to get another angle on the situation. Slowly, a signature revealed itself.

It's so large. How could I have missed that. Mostly encompassed by the blackness of the White Sox alternate home uniform, a hiding spot was revealed. Pretty sneaky, Troll!

There were many cards in the stack, but I'm going to "laser" focus on the cards that I needed.

1993 Stadium Club
746 – Frank Thomas

1995 Score
449 – Roberto Hernandez

1995 Score Gold Rush
544 – Kirk McCaskill

1996 Score
259 – Larry Thomas

1996 Topps Gallery
96 – Ray Durham

1997 Leaf Limited Counterparts
12 – Ray Durham (Chuck Knoblauch)

1998 Pinnacle Xpress
5 – Frank Thomas
47 – Albert Belle
62 – Ray Durham
140 – Frank Thomas

1998 Topps Stars
150 – Frank Thomas (5035/9799)

2005 Topps Opening Day
89 – Magglio Ordonez

2006 Upper Deck Star Attractions Game Used
SA-TI – Tadahito Iguchi

2007 Bowman Prospects
BP51 – Derek Rodriguez (autographed)

Thanks, Troll! That made a nice dent in a few sets and completed the Pinnacle Xpress. I loved the secret autograph. Of course the 1992 Upper Deck Jack McDowell back side that was front and center was a riot. The Iguchi uniform was an awesome surprise too.

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