Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2000 Fleer Greats Of The Game

I'm a sucker for history. I'm a sucker for a simple but elegant design. Put these together in a baseball card set and I'm intrigued. Throw some White Sox players into the mix and I'm in.

While we are constantly bombarded by history lessons in our card sets today, it wasn't always the case. One of the best things I found out when I re-entered the hobby in 2007, was just how much history is present on cards. When I was growing up, there was TCMA and Hygrade. The templates weren't always thought out and tended to sport whatever trend was popular at the time.The two-tone Baseball Immortals set come to mind with it's neon colors.

When real thought goes into the product, it shows. The Greats Of The Game set was one of the most popular in 2000. I can certainly see why. A thoughtful, simplistic design, that gently elevates the card subject. It fits. You can tell that it isn't vintage, but it fits right in with the themes of those eras gone by.

The White Sox have two cards in this 107 card set.

23 - Hoyt Wilhelm
24 - Luis Aparicio

It certainly is a beautiful set. The players seem to pop out while fading into the background of time. The autograph insert set will be pricier to obtain, but not impossible. Aparicio and Wilhelm are the autographs in the insert set.


JediJeff said...

I bought this set off ebay. The entire thing is a work of beauty.

Chris said...

I loved Greats of the Game when it came out, and I still look for the autographs whenever there's a COMC sale. Got a Fergie Jenkins for about $7 last time. The only bummer about that set is the edges tend to chip. And the set could be bigger. But it is a classic for sure!

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