Thursday, February 21, 2019

Card Lies: 1973 Topps Walt Williams

1973 Topps #297 - Walt Williams

I get that card companies have limited resources sometimes. They have to think on the fly and adjust to all the changes that happen in MLB. Players switch teams all the time. Sometimes, card companies crop photos, take hatless shots, even airbrush, all in the name of staying as current as they possibly can be.

Then there's general laziness or rushed jobs. This Walt Williams seems like a rushed job. Something looks really off about the card at first glance. Looking closer, the airbrushed hat isn't the best, but I have seen much worse. You can tell that the Indians logo is airbrushed on. What turns a rush job into lazy is the lower right hand corner.

The leaping outfielder silhouette doesn't quite cover the gigantic White Sox logo on the uniform shirt, even though the outstretched shadow is trying valiantly to cover the artist's tracks.

Even Walt's expression seems to say, "Lazy fools. Did they really think that nobody would notice. I'm clearly in a White Sox uniform."

Walt was traded to the Cleveland Indians on October 19, 1972. It seems like plenty of time for proper changes, but things did progress a lot slower back then. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that the airbrush artist had a stack of photos to do and a tight deadline.

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