Friday, February 8, 2019

Card Spotlight: 2-8-19

2015 Panini Elite Inspirations #147 - Adam LaRoche (/75)

I'll be honest. There isn't much that inspires me about Adam LaRoche. I'm sure I will get some feedback for that statement.

I admire that he has embraced his faith. I admire that he has embraced fatherhood. I find it interesting that he is passionate enough about deer hunting that he co-owns a show about it. I admire that he could walk away from $13 million. I'm not sure if I could do the same. I admire the hell out of how Adam went undercover to help free underage sex slaves in Asia. I, however, do not find him inspirational.

Someone who is inspirational does not cause a near team walkout because they can't do whatever they like at work, when peers have expressed complaints. What you do instead, is find a compromise or adhere to workplace rules, whether you agree with them or not. I understand LaRoche has made enough money to be set for life and can do whatever he pleases. Most of us out there do not have that luxury. We struggle, living paycheck to paycheck. It is going to take a lot more that not being able to take my child to work for me to walk out and not look back.

Someone who is inspirational doesn't walk away from co-workers, effectively leaving them in the lurch. Sure, Adam had a really down year, in his first with the White Sox. Could that have ultimately been the reason for his sudden departure? We'll never know. The snap decision (temper tantrum?) that resulted after he was asked to bring his son around slightly less (not banned outright, but just around slightly less) sounds like a bit of an overreaction. In my experience, someone only reacts that strongly to a simple request if they are looking for a way out already. I've already written about this before, but a few years removed, the departure still rubs me the wrong way.

Adam LaRoche is a hell of a human being, who has done great things and carved out his own path, his own way. He just isn't my idea of an inspirational human being, but few people truly fit that mold.

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