Monday, February 25, 2019

2018 Topps Heritage

2018 Topps Heritage borrows the design from 1969 Topps. I'm a fan of all the sixties designs, but the '69 set is probably near the bottom, if I were forced to rank that decades sets.

It's been used enough over the years from Baseball Card Magazine inserts to this Heritage release to become recognizable. It's simplistic, straight to the point.

Topps, as always, does a nice job of copying their past sets. It feels enough like the original set that one feels bathed in nostalgia, even if you didn't grow up collecting those the year they came out. It wouldn't be a modern Topps release without a ridiculous amount of gimmicks and variations. This set is no different.

From short prints to color variations, there is something for everyone to shake their fist at. As it becomes increasingly harder to collect everything from a release, it gets more frustrating as a collector. Those dopamine highs when you pull something deemed special still exist, but they are few and far between.

The White Sox have fifteen cards in the set, not including variations.

1 - Avisail Garcia (Altuve, Hosmer, H. Ramirez) 
97 - Jose Abreu
123 - Carson Fulmer
152 - Tim Anderson
173 - Nicky Delmonico, Aaron Bummer
174 - Welington Castillo
201 - Yoan Moncada
252 - Matt Davidson
296 - Reynaldo Lopez
308 - James Shields
328 - Avisail Garcia
357 - Lucas Giolito
377 - Jose Abreu AS
422 - Yolmer Sanchez SP
436 - Carlos Rodon SP

It's still one of the nicer sets out there consistently, year after year. I enjoy collecting Heritage every year. I'm growing impatient with the gimmicks. They were cute ten years ago. Now, they are getting over the top. Chase the gimmicks, if you would like to slowly lose your sanity. Chase the base set if you want something to cherish.

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