Sunday, February 24, 2019

Card Shop Pick Ups

My friend came to visit for a few days back in October. (Yes, I picked these out in October. Yes, I'm just posting about it now.) One of the places that he wanted to visit was the card shop. I reluctantly agreed.

He picked up some Ryne Sandberg cards and I picked up these cards.

I will tell you that it is difficult to find a full spectrum of White Sox cards in Kalamazoo, so I was lucky to find these.

 2008 Upper Deck Timeline #161 - Ken Griffey Jr.

I already had the Griffey card, but it didn't look familiar to me and I didn't have access to my list. Maybe I will try to get it autographed at some point. Has anyone had any successes with Griffey Jr. TTM?

1965 Topps Embossed #64 - Pete Ward

I was pretty stoked to find the Pete Ward card. I've always been fascinated by the '65 embossed cards.

2011 Topps Lineage Rookies #2 - Chris Sale

A Chris Sale rookie? Sure!

2014 Donruss Studio Series 2 #11 - Jose Abreu

Still doesn't remind me of Studio, but I like it. Can't Panini get their license already? I'd prefer logos.

2014 Topps The Future Is Now #FN-JA3 - Jose Abreu

A nice inset set that escaped me for White Sox cards.

2014 Topps The Future Is Now #FN-JA13 - Jose Abreu

See above comment.

2017 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC-429 - Jose Abreu

Another card from one of the few sets I'm trying to complete.

2015 Topps Heritage Award Winners #AW-5 - Jose Abreu

Hey! A Rookie of the Year card! Never saw this particular card when it first came out.

2017 Topps National Baseball Card Day #23 - Yoan Moncada

I never seem to get the White Sox cards on National Baseball Card Day. Some years I miss it completely. Shhh.

Not a bad haul from a card shop that specialized in Tigers cards.


John Sharp said...

Fanfare or at Scott's?

Steve Gierman said...


Bulldog said...

It is tough without the logos. The players and cads just don't look the same. Griffey in a White Sox uni - I'll never get used to that look.

Steve how can I get a hold of you - e-mail?

Steve Gierman said...

Bulldog, you can reach me through e-mail at FMercury39 @

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