Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sox Or No Sox: 2-16-19

Back by unpopular demand, it's America's unreasonable game, Sox Or No Sox.

The rules are simple. We take one unopened pack of baseball cards that was randomly selected by yours truly. We then go through the pack card by card looking for those elusive White Sox cards.

Along the way, there are two tricky and abundant traps to look out for. The first trap is the Cubs card. While hailing from Chicago, it is definitely not a Chicago White Sox card. The second trap is the Red Sox card. While technically a Sox card, it is vastly different than a White Sox card. Both traps are not necessarily bad things, but they get in the way of the games true goal: to find White Sox cards.

1/2 point is awarded for each card in the pack. 1 point is deducted from the score for each trap card. 1/2 point is taken away for each pointless mirror card. 1 point is given for any parallel. 2 points are awarded for each relic or autographed card (only 1 point awarded for a relic or autographed trap card). 2 points are given for each White Sox card.

Our player in tonight's game is a 2019 Topps Series One pack. The pack contains 14 cards and features TWO Yankees on the wrapper. I don't know how to interpret that. It might be good or it might be bad. Let's begin.

 #1: Michael Kopech - 49 - Chicago White Sox

Right off the bat. First out of the pack. A WHITE SOX CARD!!!!!!!!!

 #2: Chad Bettis - 74 - Colorado Rockies

He's a cancer survivor. How cool!

 #3: Pedro Strop - 142- Chicago Cubs


 #4: Rafael Devers - 228 - Boston Red Sox


 #5: Justus Sheffield - 306 - New York Yankees

Is it really, just us?

 #6: Washington Nationals - 341 - Washington Nationals

Harper had 100 RBI. Scherzer had 300 strikeouts. Nice round numbers.

 #7: Don Mattingly - GLG-3 - New York Yankees

I loved watching Don Mattingly growing up. Nice subset.

Halfway through and there's tons of excitement. There's been a White Sox card and two trap cards so far! We still have a whole other half of a pack to go! Can you stand the suspense?! Can you take any more?! Hold on to your seats. This could get ugly!

Let's return to the action!

 #8: Topps Now Trout/Pujols/Ohtani - TN-9 - Los Angels Angels

What exactly is the NOW factor in a card like this?

 #9: Hector Rondon - 91 - Houston Astros


 #10: Yoenis Cespedes - 128 - New York Mets

A Cespedes for the rest of us! Sorry. Not sorry.

 #11: Josh Bell - 208 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Josh's rate of doubles and walks improved, while his long balls went down.

 #12: Joe Musgrove - 104 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Joe was drafted by the Blue Jays.

 #13: Buster Posey - 157 - San Francisco Giants

He's hip. He's hip. Sorry. Not sorry.

#14: Robinson Cano - 313 - Seattle Mariners

Robinson has been in the big leagues for 14 seasons! Wow!

One White Sox card = 2 points. Two trap cards = -2 points. 11 non-trap cards = 5 1/2 points.

Final score: 5 1/2 points

One White Sox card of a very promising rookie in this game, but there's always the excitement of the chase for more next time on Sox Or No Sox. And remember, never lean your head into a Randy Johnson fastball. It's for the birds. Goodnight everyone!


JediJeff said...

Too bad that wasn't the Kopech SP.

John Sharp said...

Cool idea. No minus points for A.L. Central foes? Ha ha!
Good job!

Bulldog said...

I don't get the purpose of the Topps Now cards either. Poor Posey...

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