Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2014 Panini Immaculate Swatches

Sometimes cards just slip on by. I try to keep up with all the releases, but in certain instances, cards go completely off my radar. Some examples include; sets being out of my price range to collect, thinking a White Sox player is represented on another team, or the checklist is so massive with variations and subsets that it just gets glossed over. Occasionally companies don't even release checklists.

The secondary market is a great place to fill in those missing gaps of information. Chances are, if I haven't run across the information within a few weeks of the set release, it will be something I have to stumble across. Sets make themselves known when the timing is right.

Panini is one of the many companies without an MLB license, so they can't show logos. Basically, they are in limbo similar to Upper Deck. Upper Deck pushed those boundaries until they got in trouble. Panini does a fantastic job with filling that role. Most of their releases feel like fully licensed cards, even without all the licenses. I suppose it's all in how much artistry goes into appearance.

The swatches are technically an insert set within Immaculate. Immaculate has one hundred forty seven cards for its base cards, but the swatches only have ninety five cards, all serial numbered. The White Sox have five cards in the set.

56 - Bo Jackson (/99)
61 - Frank Thomas (/25)
77 - Charlie Leesman (/99)
81 - Marcus Semien (/99)
82 - Matt Davidson (/99)

I was actually surprised at how many White Sox rookies are in this set! Relics of any kind are a bit passe, but they are a wonderful way to get closer to the game and to the players, in a non-stalkery kinda way. It's a nice little set and most of the cards can be obtained for a semi-reasonable price. The lack of logos hurts, but not as much as you might think.

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