Thursday, October 2, 2008

2008 UD Masterpieces

It's more of the same from Upper Deck with the Masterpieces release. In this case, that's a great thing! I loved the set from last year. This year is no different. Why screw up a good thing? Upper Deck scored last year with the Masterpieces set, so rather than change a winning formula, they stuck with what worked. Thank you, Upper Deck. This is just what I need in a late season card release.

They didn't change the design, but Upper Deck did change the format slightly. Instead of 90 cards with endless parallels, there are 90 cards plus 30 short prints and lots of parallels of colors that defy nature's palette.

This continues to be one of my favorite releases. If I had more capital at my disposal, I might try to complete this set too. I am already committed to completing the 2008 Topps Heritage set, in addition to the many team sets for the White Sox. With a wedding exactly a year away to pay for and other bills and dwindling income, I need to complete another set like I need another hole in my head.

I will be picking up the two White Sox cards in the set, with three total cards. The cards are:

23 - Jim Thome
97 - Carlton Fisk SP

I'll be collecting one Jim Thome and two Carlton Fisk cards. One card of each for the team set and one card of Fisk for the Carlton Fisk collection.

The only mark against this set would be the 30 short print cards. I'm happy for a second White Sox card, but I could do without the short prints. It's another Fisk card, so I'm ultimately fine with it. I do however appreciate another short print card. Lou Brock. Why Lou Brock, you may ask? Mainly, because he's pictured as a Cubs player.

A secret obsession of mine would be cards of players on teams that they are not famous for being on. Granted, Lou was on the Cubs for a few years in the beginning of his career. Who really thinks of Lou Brock and doesn't immediately think of the Cardinals? No one. That's why I love seeing cards like this.

Another solid effort from Upper Deck. Somewhat retro, elegant looking and different from any other card set this year. All signs point to this card set being a winner!

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Dave said...

I just ordered a hobby box of '08 Masterpieces and I can't wait to open it! I'm a big fan of Masterpieces too. I'll let you know if I pull Thome or Fisk.

It's funny that you mentioned cards of players on teams that they're not known for being on. I've been looking for a card of Ozzie Guillen in a Devil Rays uniform tonight. He played for them in 2000, and it looks like he had some Pacific cards that year, but I can't find any images to see if he's pictured with the D-Rays or not...

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