Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wax Heaven Turns One And I Get Presents

First of all, congratulations to Wax Heaven on its one year anniversary! I started this site about a month after Mario started his and Wax Heaven has been an early supporter of this site. The White Sox Cards blog was even included of the Top 7 blogs over there, until a few months ago.

There was a rumor that a package for me from Wax Heaven had been circulating around my hometown, unsure of where I was. Saturday, I finally got proof of that. Inside a package addressed to me was another package addressed to me. The difference with the package on the inside? The actual address was to my next door neighbor. We are on friendly terms, but I guess they don't know my last name yet.

Anyway, inside the inner layer was a select few cards. Some I had, some I didn't. Much as the mystery of the trip these cards took to me, there were other mysteries to solve once I dug around inside. The base cards in the following description, I already had. The surprises and mysteries were in the other cards.

Let's list the base cards first.

2008 Allen & Ginter
41 - Paul Konerko
76 - Jim Thome
141 - Jermaine Dye

The heart of the lineup. Three, four and five. Simply awesome. Already have them, but I love these cards, so I am happy with that.

2008 Goudey
40 - Mark Buehrle
44 - Jim Thome
45 - Nick Swisher

The ace, the slugger and the scrappy, peppy guy. I had these as well, but my Thome from a pack had some scratches on the front of the card. This is a perfect upgrade!

Now... the mystery!

2008 SPx Winning Materials #WM-AR - Aaron Rowand 025/150

That's a nice Aaron Rowand relic card! There's a picture of Aaron in a White Sox uniform. The material is obviously from a White Sox uniform. The team listed on the front is the Giants.


I know this is 2008. I know that Aaron Rowand is on the San Francisco Giants now. I get that the "Winning Materials" would be from a team that had success when Aaron was a part of it. But why the Giants name on the front and the Giants logo on back, when the relic is from the White Sox and the picture is from the White Sox? Both pictures (one repeated on the back) show him in a White Sox uniform. I'm not complaining. I just find it weird.

Either way, it an awesome card!

The next is not so much a mystery, but just something cool. It also reminded me of something.

Now that I have my "Mini Me"s, I will hold the blog ransom for one million dollars. MUH-HA-HA-HA!!! MUH-HA-HA-HA!! MUH-HA-HA-HA!!!

Right... OK, that's enough evil laughing for one day.


2008 Goudey Mini #40 - Mark Buehrle
2008 Allen & Ginter Mini #33 - Nick Swisher

No on can separate me from my "Mini Me"s. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you, Mario! You and Tatiana are the best! This was an awesome package with an interesting journey. Much more interesting than the time I was stranded with a cheese grater, a ball of yarn and two AA batteries. What would MacGyver do? Actually, I'd like to see what MacGyver would do with those items. Anything I could think of, would end up being painful.

What's definitely not painful? This awesome package from Wax Heaven! Thanks again, and happy anniversary! Now, I will go back to my search for Topps "Laser" White Sox cards.

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