Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Came Late, But Still Won

I really have to thank Shane at Shoebox Legends, for running this little contest. I also have to thank dayf, for e-mailing me about this. I wouldn't have read about it until the next afternoon.

I was spending the evening relaxing with Tracey. I went by the computer to get something and decided to check my mail. There, I found an e-mail about this contest. The first one to leave a comment on the post would win this sweet Konerko bat card.

With a little luck, an e-mail and I'm sure a few bloggers giving me a chance, I won the card. Well, this beauty, which outclasses my two Darin Erstad bat cards of the same issue, came in the mail on Monday. It was accompanied by two friends. A 2007 Bowman Heritage Rainbow Jermaine Dye and a 2007 Turkey Red Chrome Jermaine Dye.

By sheer luck, Konerko and Dye were the only two players to hit worth a damn in yesterday's game. Was it just a coincidence that I received these three cards of these two players during this game? Yeah, probably. Was it a coincidence that I had opened the envelope just one minute prior to the Konerko home run? Maybe so. I just wonder what would have happened had there been a Thome in the envelope. Maybe an Orlando Cabrera and an Alexei Ramirez too. Would Griffey have struck out to end the season, if there was a shiny card of him in this magic envelope?

Of course he would have, don't be ridiculous. It's just fun to speculate. Sometimes it's OK to wish in luck, but I wouldn't put much stock into believing it. When I asked the online crystal ball if the White Sox would win the 2008 World Series, it said that they certainly would. That was a lie, but it was fun to think that it would be true.

When all is said and done, 2008 was a great season for the White Sox and I've received some wonderful cards from some very thoughtful people. This is just the latest example of that kindness. And I thank Shane for that very much! That was a magical feeling opening this envelope. It brought hope, determination, fun, and some wonderfully shiny Dye cards to go along with Konerko's bat.


shoeboxlegends said...

Hey Steve,

Glad you enjoyed the cards! I guess I should've included a Griffey and a Thome, maybe I could've helped the Sox out!


Steve Gierman said...

I don't think it would have helped much, but that was one thing I could laugh at during the last game.

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