Friday, October 31, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Joe Crede

Card #39 - Joe Crede

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. 2008 would mark Joe Crede's first All-Star appearance and a return to form after his ailing back nearly derailed a promising career. Soon, the back problems resurfaced and another season split between starting and the disabled list passed.

Joe is expected to look elsewhere to play in 2009, but never count out the White Sox to make a surprising move. If Crede is the best option available, Joe may not have finished his South Side legacy.

This photo reminds me of the best of Joe Crede. Pure joy and playing for the love of the game. This is the Joe that helped the White Sox win it all in 2005. It's a shame that things have gotten so muddied between Joe, Joe's agent and the White Sox.

This is probably a parting image. If so, then I think it's the best photo to exhibit the high point of Crede's tenure with the White Sox. Fly away, Joe. I hope you land somewhere decent.

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